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Eat your smoothie!

I keep eating healthy, crunchy and vegetarian and it feels sooo gooood! Nevertheless, it does not influence my weight, maybe my body decided that it’s the best the way it is and it doesn’t want to change:)? Yeah…right! Never mind, it works for me, accompanies my yoga and early mornings lifestyle. There is a pile of Vietnamese street food pictures waiting to be posted on the blog but this awfully green, horribly healthy smoothie resonates better with my tune.

Usually, I use a limited selection of ingredients (not to make digestion too hard for my body) and I wouldn’t stick to any rules apart of these two:

1. There are ALWAYS warming spices in my smoothies: slices of ginger, ground cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric (add a pinch of pepper to boost turmerics’ superpowers). Fruits and veggies have cooling properties, contain a lot of water thus easily produce moisture in our bodies. Cold and moisture… brrr! Does that recall a runny nose, covering up with warm blankets and searching for wool socks even before the Autumn comes? You don’t want this inside of your system, what you want is harmony, energy, charged battery rather than chill and stagnation. Therefore pay attention to what you eat, put spices and herbs on your kitchen shelves and make use of them!

2. Chew. Each smoothie is usually a big portion of fruits and veggies that we would need to chew carefully if not for the speeding technology. And this basic way is the proper way of eating because the digestion starts when the food mixes with saliva in our mouths (to be more precise it starts in the brain when we see it and smell it, but it’s not the case here) and we strongly change that using the straw. So, before each sip goes into your throat and belly keep it in your mouth, chew, let it mix with the enzymes that are just waiting there to help you absorb all those nutrients!

In my jar you’ll find:
1 ripe banana
¼ big avocado
handful of greens (spinach, bok choy or whatever’s available)
2 tbsp of cooked mung beans (lentils or any other beans will work great as well; that will be your protein base also adding to the smooth texture)
1 cm of peeled ginger root
1 tsp matcha powder (optionally)
2-3 tbsp thick coconut milk
splash of soy milk (though I try not to overuse it as soybeans are much better absorbed by the body when fermented)

That is enough to make a big serving that doesn’t require any sweetener as the ripe banana is sweet enough itself (though sometimes I’d add a piece of ripe, local mango and man that rocks!). If I wake up very hungry I would make a smoothie bowl instead with an addition of carbs. Lately, I fell in love with sourdough which is much easier to digest than regular stodgy wheat. I sprinkle my healthy brekkie with roasted almonds, bee pollen which I found in a local supermarket and whatever I have currently on a stock, eg. coconut shreds or dates. I take this goodie bowl to the balcony with me and happily dive in the green blissfulness.

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