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My name is Kasia.
Years ago I fell in love with photography and cooking. It was more or less the same time when I embarked on my first long-distance journey which has changed my perspective on my current life, on living in one place, on where the home is and how to define it.
Today next to the notebook and the camera what you’ll find in my backpack is the yoga mat – practice and teaching are a very important part of my life.

Soul in the Bowl was created in 2011 during the days of living in Vietnam and learning about the food and culture at its roots and I decided I need a notebook to help me keep track on what I am discovering and eating. Almost everything has changed since then – my life, work, priorities, diet, but developing this little part of the Internet still brings me great joy!

What will you find on this blog
I had quite a dilemma when I stopped eating meat since much of the content here is of Vietnamese cuisine which is not the most animal-friendly…
I decided to leave everything like it was since I see this blog as part of me and my life. Therefore what you will find here is plenty of posts about Asian foods where meat is one of the main ingredients and a bunch of recipes using meat and animal products.

Nevertheless what you will also see is plenty of ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’, ‘sugar-free’ or ‘gluten-free’ tags which will direct you to the ever-growing number of recipes and posts. The way I cook nowadays is nearly 100% vegan, I avoid white sugar and wheat, use eggs or butter occasionally and once in a while in the cold month I cook a bone broth to which my Chinese Medicine doctor convinced me. Traditional Chinese Medicine is another of my interests and applying it in my kitchen brings me better health for over 4 years now so this will also appear on this blog more and more.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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