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Ruby smoothie

Afternoon at my brother’s and I got back with a basket full of ruby red, shiny sour cherries. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, red coloured foods nourish the Blood and Heart, adding Yang energy and vigour – all ingredients of this smoothie improve health this way thus they are perfect for anaemia, fatigue and for women in general as they need to take care about their blood production. On top of that beets are good friends of the liver and cherries improve the kidneys strenght. So grab the blender, get them fruits and veggies and enjoy this liquid goodness!


For 1 big glass (0,5 l) of smoothie you’ll need:
2 small beetroots
2 big carrots
2 handfuls strawberries
2 handfuls sour cherries
1 tbsp flax seeds or chia seeds (optionally)
a piece of ginger (size of half of the thumb)
¼ tbsp cinnamon

Use the juicer to make a juice of beets, carrots and ginger then pour it to the blender, add strawberries, cherries (remove the stones), flax seed/chia and cinnamon and blend until smooth. Enjoy freshly made sprinkled with bee pollen.

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