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My breakfast has to be warm, smell delicious, make my taste buds crazy happy and bribe me out of bed on the rainy, grey mornings like those last ones. This oatmeal is a pure materialization of a comfort-food dream. Simple, warming, soft and delicate but still kicks you in the mouth with the sour, black as the night blackcurrant taste. Therefore it’s oh-so-sweet but with some strong motivation to open the eyes a little wider. Do it, grab your spoons and enjoy!


2 servings:
1 cup oats
1,5 cup water
2/3 cup vegan milk (I used oat milk here)
1 tbsp coconut oil (optional but it adds to the “softness” level)
1 cinnamon bark (or ¼ tsp grounded)
¼ tsp grounded cardamom
1/5 tsp grounded ginger (or thick slice of the fresh one)
2 tbsp blackcurrant jam per serving (you can use raspberry or cherry jam – nice if it’s a bit on the sour side)
1 tsp peanut butter per wider blackcurrants or raspberries on top

Roast the oats for a while on the bottom of the pan, on slow heat till you can smell the aroma, make sure not to burn them (roasting is not necessary but it maximises the ability of oats to absorb the moisture which is what you want on the wet, cloudy morning, trust me on that). Pour over water, milk, add oil and spices, mix and cover. Let it shimmer for around 7-10 min, just check if it’s not sticking to the bottom. If you prefer more runny oats ad a bit more liquid. Serve piping hot topped with the jam, peanut butter and fresh fruits. Oh, mummy, it is sooo good!

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