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Boiled eggs and vegan mayo sandwich spread

This is a very strange Autumn for me. From flying high to going so low that I find myself surprised and confused most of the time. Do you get to this place sometimes where everything you’ve ever known just doesn’t suit you anymore? Things which brought comfort are bland. The home that felt home is just space and clothes feel like you are opening someone else’s closet… Even the favourite smells and tastes stop being exciting becoming boring or I’d rather say dissapointing. 1st world problems I guess but they’re real and pushing me to question myself a lot.

So I keep it slow, observe and explore something different from time to time. Like having an egg&mayo sandwich for breakfast (crazy, hey ;)). I started playing with vegan mayo some time ago and definitely recommend the recipe from Jadłonomia’s blog, the one that uses aquafaba (chickpea water). It’s delicious, tastes like a mayonnaise and believe me, it feels just right to do your own mayo from the scratch. I combined it with boiled eggs, roasted sunflower seeds and fresh green parsley and man! it tasted good on top of the toasted rye bread! So here I am, reinventing eggs to make me feel better on those grey, dark mornings and what’s most funny – it seems to be working 🙂


For 2 hungry bellies
4 hard-boiled eggs
0,5 bunch of green parsley
2 tbsp vegan mayo
2 tbsp sunflower seeds
salt and pepper to taste

Roast the seeds on the hot pan for a few minutes (let them turn slightly brown) and cool. Finely chop the eggs and parsley and mix in a bowl with sunflower seeds and mayo. Add pepper and salt if needed and eat straight from the bowl or on top of your fav bread. I like to sprinkle some black-caraway seeds on it.

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