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Matcha – Ashwagandha Latte

This is not a regular matcha latte, it’s enhanced with a teaspoon of ASHWAGANDHA, one of the most powerful and well know Ayurvedic medicines.

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Spiced chicory coffee with cocoa

This drink is with me since last Autumn and not many things taste so amazing! It’s nourishing, harmonizing and boosts energy without any caffeine!☕️?☕️

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This is a quickie, so will be this post. I play with crumble in recent weeks and it comes out more and less satisfying. There is something hard to imitate in classic wheat flour crumble but I am getting there and this recipe is very satisfying. I made it with butter which can be replaced […]

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Mmm… matcha Paris!

Let me take you for a stroll along matcha dotted Paris. No Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, museums, Louvre or high fashion. Just a hot Summer day that needs a proper green cooling. You know that the food can be cooling, right? Well, yes, the green ones are. And as I might not recommend this as […]

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Blog entry

Blog entry.

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