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Coconut cucumber drink from Hanoi

Smoothie combination that wouldn’t come up with. Cucumber, coconut milk and sweetener makes silky textured, refreshing beverage that will moisture and cool the body, exactly what I need when it’s 41 degrees outside. I don’t know the exact recipe they use at Manzi Cafe, where you will find it in the menu under Manzi Specials for 50.000 vnd but didn’t taste any additions. I thought it would be easy to make at home and so it was.


To make 2 glasses you’ll need:
1 cucumber, peeled
4 spoons of coconut milk (my reccommendation is Arroy-D)
2/3 glass of cold water
1 spoon of honey (or other sweetener)
ice cubes (optional)

Put everything in the blender and mix well. You can add ice cubes at this step or put them in the glasses and pour the drink over, whatever you choose is going to fine. If your coconut milk is rather watery than rich than use more, but don’t overdo as it is heavy and the idea of this drink is to stay light and refreshing. It also makes a good base to add matcha powder, I would suggest only 0.5 tsp so not to overwhelm the delicate cucumber taste.

PS. To jest też niezła baza dla smaku matchy, więc można dodać około 0.5 łyżeczki, raczej nie więcej, dzięki temu wyczujemy nadal delikatny smak ogórka.

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