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Hemp milk to boost your superpowers

The world is crazy about superfoods, everyone looking for ways to improve their health and wellbeing and ready to pay a lot of money for that. I believe it is good to plan your spendings to buy less good quality, often more expensive products though I’ve learned that there are ways to keep on giving your body what it deserves without overpaying. One of my favourite are homemade milks, coconut and almond being the top drinks I’d make. Recently I’ve added hemp seeds to this selection, one of the best gifts from mother nature. They are a great source of easily digestible protein, the ones that our DNA really like to make friends with. You lack calcium, iron, wit. B or magnesium in your diet – drink hemps!

I ALWAYS choose unshelled hemp seeds to make the milk:
– they are way cheaper than the unshelled ones
– they are a great source of insoluble fibre, which we very often lack in our modern diets
– the shells work as a coat that helps to keep the precious properties of the hemp seeds much longer
– the only thing you need to remember when using the whole seeds is to soak them overnight (so when in a hurry it is better to use the hulled seeds)


For 0,6-0,7 l of hemp milk you’ll need:
1 glass unshelled hemp seeds
3 glasses of water
pinch of salt
0,5-1 tsp xylitol/maple syrup (optionally)

Put the seeds into a bowl, pour the water over it and leave to soak overnight. Drain and add to the blender with 3 glasses of water, salt and sweetener of your choice. Blend for 2-3 minutes (give your machine some rest every 1-1,5 minute) and pour through a dense stainer or a gauze into the glass jar, giving the seeds a good squeeze at the end. You can enjoy your delicious, nutritious, nutty drink for around 3 days, just remember to shake before using.

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