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My 1st home here – district (Quan Tay Ho) seen from the north bank of the Ho Tay lake (West Lake).


2016. The year of the Fire Monkey. Time to grow roots, pamper oneself and reconcile with inevitable changes. The year of both danger and wisdom.
Over the last few months, I was getting ready for what’s ahead of me. I did all I had to do, now it’s time to let go and jump. Either to the head, belly or feet, it doesn’t matter as long as I dare!
Exactly one week ago I finalized all my affairs, said goodbye to the people I love and the places I will miss. I let go of the things I will no longer need and left for this new, but the familiar place – Vietnam. I’m planning to stay for several months, maybe longer. Hanoi is my starting point, that’s where I have a job waiting for me. I’m starting right after the weekend, which is a bit stressful. Maybe it makes no sense to worry since I’ve turned my life upside down to start from scratch so many times before. But it has never been as important for me. So I let myself stress out while trying to prepare for my new life. To make the whole experience taste sweeter, I wander down the streets of the city, eat my favourite food, take in the lazy atmosphere of the New Year’s time, learn to ride a scooter and enjoy the astonishing weather. And I’m trying to make this place my new home a day at a time. We’ll see how long that takes ☺

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