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The scent of coffee flowers

Vietnamese Central Highlands smell with blooming coffee flowers. Sweet, intensive, jasmine scent. The air is filled with it and I could only feel that driving the motorbike through the plateaus bestudded with the coffee plantations. It took me immediately to my childhood, to the scorching weekend afternoons spent at the family allotment. Polish nature in it’s fullest, juicy bloom, heated by the sun, spreading this delightful, jasmine aroma.

Highlands are magical to me. Indefinite, bit deserted, majestic, gloomy at places. Simple, hardworking, extremely friendly, sincerely staring at you with its sparkling eyes and smiling with big smiles. I never forget to visit if I am in Vietnam. At last, I could see them the way I always wanted – from the seat of a motorbike. I had all the freedom of being the passenger, no tasks nor obligations, no planning just pure pleasure of observing, breathing and being. Being in the heating sun, in the cold wind that came to prance a bit, in the hum of the waterfalls, in the wild thicket and canyons, in the green, soothing landscapes and romantic sunsets. Yet again I fell deeper in love with this country and I am grateful I had a companion who absorbed it with equal joy, just spicing it up with a grey cloud of a smoke 😉

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