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It’s always worth to order ‘pho co’

In a search for a bowl of good pho pay attention to what the signboards say and if you see phở cồ/ phở cồ gia truyền jump inside. Cồ stands for a family name from the province of Nam Dinh which is famous for making tasty beef noodle soup. Not every Cồ you’ll stumble upon will be the original one it’s worth to give it a try as most likely you’ll end up eating a very decent meal. One of those places is recommended by my local friend Quan Pho Co, 9 Nguyễn Công Hoan, Hanoi (in my own opinion the number of the street is 59 but I’m giving you the official address here). We’ve paid a visit not long ago and got very happy with our ph bo chin with banh quay on the side. Prices are good as well as opening hours, as this place is open even in less popular, afternoon hours.

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