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I didn’t want to leave my languorous Lombok. Yet, I had no idea that I would want to leave Bali even less! I got completely taken in by the overwhelming calm of this island, suffused with good energy. I fell in love with all the eco, sustainability, vege, raw, organic, with the sight of beautiful people I couldn’t help but stare at. I loved the fact that whether you are 4, 15, 32 or 58 years old, here you always look like some damn cute and healthy hippie. You’re into yoga, you have (or are about to get) tattoos, a sunkissed skin, long hair; you surf, you skateboard or at least jog along the beach in the morning or evening sun, intimidating half the inhabitants of this planet with your perfect looks.


It’s all so slow, comes so naturally and, what is more – it is contagious. I felt it was easy to fit in. The amazing locals are generous with smiles, nods and merry greetings. The same applies to expats who seem to have long forgotten their bad, big city habits. An exchange of glances and smiles, a spontaneous chat, a motorbike lift by a young idealist who is working for a better world – these things happen in Bali just like that, making this island a place to fall in love with. And I haven’t even mentioned the schools, where kids spend 80% of their time on physical activity, learn yoga and meditation, and before they complete their education, they often run ecological projects, sometimes even state-sponsored.
I think the only things I might be missing here are simplicity and calm, boredom even, for which I adore the neighbouring Lombok. The overflowing number of events and all kinds of goods available in Bali might become overwhelming. Nevertheless, I am already planning on how to rearrange my life so as to allow me to stay here more often and longer. Keep your fingers crossed!


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