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Parallel realities

I just landed in India, fell into the arms of the crazy bustle, chaos and smells of the night Delhi. My shiny eyes look for a new adventure, I am dazed by the aroma of another journey inwards, into the oneiric realm of emotions and transformation. I am flying. I drip with trust, sparkle with love, evaporate with intimacy. I take an inhale of palo santo and hold my breath feeling the vibrating energy suspended in the silence of two worlds gazing at each other. Unleashed wolfs and the trust that only those fed from the bottom of the heart will stay by me. The path towards the light outlined by the music of a magic flute, the ribbon of loose hair, the rosewood aroma.

I am in Hanoi. With the sleeves rolled up, my forearms scratched and a bit dirty I am constructing. On my own, brick by brick, with a hazy discipline and the strong will being little sweaty. I look with the shiny eyes into the liquid golden sun spilling on the grey surface, I get dazed by the dance of ragged, green leaves, I surge pure joy feeling the wave of wind hitting against my motorbike helmet. I am walking. I burn the palo santo, rub a drop of sandalwood between the collarbones and with all the trust, love and energy I walk toward my own light.

I can’t sleep, all my thought and memories flying towards Arambol. I just get to understand the meaning behind all the lessons it gave me, unrevealing them in front of me in the planned order.
“Take this space with you, to your day to day life, remember that it’s available to you anytime you need it, just reach inwards”.

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