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Christmas aloneness

That is going to be a fun Christmas time for me. I am dipped in my yoga teachers training so deep that I barely had the awareness that Noel is already here (like all of my fellow yogis;)). I had 2 exams in the last 2 days which definitely kept me out of the track of dates and meaning behind them. And both today and tomorrow I will spend on my own, resting after an intensive week and studying to my final exam.

Honestly, it feels like Christmas do not exist for me this year, at least at this family/tradition/gathering/blinking kind of way. But even though I am spending them all alone I do not feel like missing on something nor being lonely. The feeling of togetherness, being connected, grateful and loving, which I think those upcoming days are much about, are here with me and in me. I had an eye and mind-opening conversation with a yogi friend today and all I will do is absorb it and let it flow through my system while I eat my afternoon mango and take a walk at the beach. I will enjoy my divine solitude and use those quiet days to ground myself and gather energy for the upcoming 2017 and all its goodness.
Being here is a blessing as would be being anywhere else – I am sure we all are just where we’re supposed to. Therefore enjoy the place you are at and all that comes with it. Embrace the souls that you will spend this precious time together with, connect with them, invite them to spend a couple of minutes in silence, just thinking about each other, sharing love and joy of being without any unnecessary words. Maybe this will turn out to be a new, beautiful Christmas tradition? We so rarely do it, thinking that staying in silence is awkward, even uncomfortable.

I will enjoy my silence trying to connect with all my relatives, friends and soulmates out there believing that even so apart we are still together. Beliving that we are one, the supernal stream of consciousness.

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