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I like this picture of me a lot. It captures where I am and what I feel. Delicate and connected. Vulnerable and light. Happy, in peace and acceptance, aware of my flaws and pain that I carry in me. Patiently letting go. Looking forward to things to come. Being in harmony.

In Chinese Medicine, there is a principle of 7 years stages for women to transfer into another state of growth, of their femininity. In the Autumn of 2010, when I was 28 and stepping into a 5th phase, the most important times of my life started. Years when I went through hard times and painful lessons, few big crises, tasted what felt like the end of the world to finally discover a totally new reality of self-awareness. What happened and changed since then is a !whoah! for me. I can’t imagine not being where I am right now and for people and events that allowed me to make all the steps necessary I am utterly grateful.
I remember what was my biggest ever need, intention and affirmations a few years back – to gain balance. To be in harmony. I was crazily lost from bouncing between the edges. Riding the never-ending, hard-core sinusoidal rollercoaster of my life made me dead tired.

And here I am today, in 2017. Starting the new, 7-year interval of my femininity with what I was looking for – harmony. Tuned into me. With acknowledgement what is mine and what is not – and even if this realization doesn’t set me free yet, the trust that fills my heart is a joyful promise that everything ahead is going to be just beautiful:)

Guess I had to learn about the Universe inside to see the beauty of the Universe outside.

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