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Bhaji – delicious, savory Indian snack

Pav bhaji version with sweet bread and some aloo pakora (deep fried potatoes in a chickpea flour dough)

Today’s my free day so I chill in a cafe, close to Arambol in the North Goa. It is the border of Goa and Maharashtra state to be precise. And the research I do on my latest favourite snack – bhaji tells me that the very Maharashtra is the home of this versatile street-food treat. Meanwhile, most of the Indian states created their own variation of this thick, aromatic sauce. If you order bhaji it’ll be most probably made of potatoes, green peas and tomatoes cooked together with Indian spices and then mashed throughout and mixed with onion, chilli and garlic. All it takes is to add a piece of soft, toasted bread roll (pav) or hot, delicious poori bread and enjoy this tongue stinging meal. It’s popular at breakfast time but I often see it available throughout the day and it shouldn’t cost more than 0,5$ per portion.

Poori bhaji with amazing poori bread which is made of wheat flour which I should avoid…but who am I kidding 😉

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