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2 ingredients mango pudding without sugar

I love millet, it’s nutritious, makes my belly happy, has this beautiful sand colour, you can make variety of dishes with it and it tastes perfect, even boiled, just in water, just like that. When you overcook it, it’s easily transformed into pudding and I like this pudding to be sweet and a bit sour. Mango, the best fruit in the world works perfect here. Apart from that you’ll just need some coconut milk, vanilla essence, turmeric with a pinch of pepper that will nicely boost this yellow powders’ superpowers and some starch optionaly, to make the consistency of your millet more pudding-like.


Ingredients for 4-5 bowls:

2/3 glass millet
1 glass water
1 glass coconut milk
vanilla essence according to your taste (if you make your own you’ll know how strong it is and how much you want it, if not just add 1 tsp and see if you want more or not)
1 big, ripe mango, peeled and diced
1 tbsp kuzu starch (or tapioca starch, potato starch) + little water to dissolve it (+/- 2 tbsp)
0,5 tsp turmeric + pinch of pepper

Boil the millet with water and coconut milk for around 25-30 min, lid on just make sure to look insite from time to time to see if it didn’t absorb all the liquid and add some more in such case. When it’s really soft add the mango pieces, vanill essence and cook for another 10 minutes, without the lid as the fruit will dd some liquid to the mixture and we want it to evaporate. Stir often. Mix starch with water in a seperate container, add to the millet and stir immediately. Let simmer for antother 10 minutes not forgetting to stir frequently. Use a hand blender for a final makeover into creamy, yellow pudding. It goes perfect sprinkled with roasted black sesamee seeds and I definetely reccommend to enjoy it warm.

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